The Australasian Association of Lean Six Sigma Practitioners (AASSP) is Australasia’s leading network of business transformation professionals. We are a not-for-profit organisation focused on best practice sharing and member contribution. The AASSP supports business transformation specialists to understand, continuously improve, and embed methodologies such as lean or six sigma, into organisations.

Formed in 2004 to support the Australasian Six Sigma community, the AASSP has evolved with the changes in business transformation practices and now includes a range of methodologies including lean and process management.

Members of the AASSP strive to demonstrate openness and sharing, mutual respect, excellence in practice, and continuous improvement. We believe it is important to learn from each other and leverage experiences and expertise in a non-competitive environment.

The AASSP is run by a committee of volunteers, elected by members at the annual general meeting each year. All positions are voted in for a two-year term.  If you would like to take an active role on the Committee please contact the Committee at info@aassp.org.au as there are always a host of opportunities you can get involved in.

In addition to the Committee, members may be asked to contribute to events (e.g. give a presentation or host a site tour) and there are many opportunities each year for individuals to get involved with committee activities.

Please Note: As the AASSP is a not for profit association run and supported only by volunteers from member organisations, we are not in a position to provide employment references.

Current AASSP Committee Members are:

David Masters

  Marketing & Communications
Melanie Gurney 

The AASSP Committee would be 
interested in talking to any
member who may have an 
interest in this role.

Contact David Masters
Jana Krizova

Events Manager 
Luke Pollard

Committee Member
Christine Hawkins
  Committee Member
Tao Browne
  Public Officer
Larina Frohlich

The Australasian Association of Six Sigma Practitioners Inc. has been incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984. For more information or to get in contact with one of the committee members directly please use the Contact Us page


AASSP is an association of organisations and individuals who are leading the practice of Lean Six Sigma in Australasia.


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