The AASSP is bound by the rules laid out in the Rules for Australian Association of Six Sigma Practitioners Inc.

Membership Benefits

There are numerous benefits of being an AASSP member. Here are a few:

Interaction with an established network of major organisations committed excellence in Lean and Six Sigma

  • Learn from others members experiences
  • Hear about innovative approaches/ methods
  • Benchmark your deployment vs. others
  • Benefit from listening to guest speakers at meetings
  • Potential to publish ideas through AASSP Web site

Access to a peer learning network

  • Access to a peer learning network in a creative and thought provoking environment, where members share ideas, experiences, challenges and successes.
  • Build up a network of contacts
  • Link up with guest speakers from others members companies

Be part of the leading Lean Six Sigma industry body

  • Be part of a group of industry experts
  • Gain access to a research sample


  • Gain access to guidelines on standard definitions of experience of BBs/ GBs

Membership Criteria

  • Membership is open to any company who has a Lean, Six Sigma or business improvement program in place, or
  • An individual with a background in Six Sigma who is not working for a company that has a Lean / Six Sigma deployment
  • One representative per member company can attend meetings, or as directed in the invite to meetings
  • The company representative member will usually be expected to be the deployment lead
  • No exclusion based on membership of other organisations
  • No-one selling Lean / Six Sigma services, consulting or accreditation to other members
  • Decisions about whether a company or individual meets the criteria for membership lies solely with the committee


It is assumed that by becoming a member of the association that the member agrees to the following:

  • AASSP intellectual property (joint work product) is available to members for use within member organisations, and members will acknowledge it as AASSP IP. IP will not be made available to non-members.
  • The confidentiality of information presented to AASSP by members will be respected, and not reused or quoted without the permission of the owner.
  • Members will not use the AASSP name or letterhead, or commit the AASSP without appropriate authority.
  • Members will, in their AASSP activities, comply with relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

Appropriate authority is considered to be the approval by the committee.

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AASSP is an association of organisations and individuals who are leading the practice of Lean Six Sigma in Australasia.


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